Jade Waterfall 16oz

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  • Protect your vehicle with minimal effort. The Jade A69 Waterfall will seal your vehicle without you having to physically touch it. All that you’re required to do is spray and power wash!
  • Water and dirt repellant. The Jade A69 Waterfall is very hydrophobic, causing water to bead and run off your surface with haste. This prevents water spots, mineral deposits, and dirt from sticking and building up on your surface.
  • Leave a slick, gleaming finish. Not only does the Jade A69 Waterfall protect, it shines – even when the weather does not! It leaves a smooth, wet-looking finish that really makes your paint pop.
  • Protection and shine that stands the test of time. One application of the Jade A69 Waterfall will last up to 90 days. For those of us who are strapped for time, this is the perfect product to add protection without going through multiple steps.
  • Keep your ceramic coating looking fresh. The Jade A69 Waterfall is wonderful for maintaining ceramic coatings. It adds life to your coating, keeping your surface hydrophobic and easy to clean.