Surface Prep Mitt

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Specially manufactured with rubber polymer material for the most effective surface contaminant removal process. Removes Environmental Contaminants: Rail dust, Water Spots, Tar, Bugs, Paint Overspray & Scuff Marks. Use up to 50 Times. Works best with products which can be used as a clay lubricant such as Showroom Shine or Water Wax (plain water is not an adequate lubricant).


• Be sure surfaces are dry and cool to the touch
• Thoroughly wash vehicle with your car soap of choice
• Apply a lubricant, beginning at the drivers side, and spray the mitt itself
• Use smooth lateral motions across the surface utilizing medium pressure for
• Work in a counterclockwise fashion, repeating previous steps per panel
• Wipe dry with a microfiber towel or rewash if necessary
• Apply a wax or sealant of your choice