Sit-on Detailing Creeper with Bottle Holders

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Maxshine Rolling Detail Creeper provides a comfortable working position for both mechanical and detailing tasks on the down low.

Whether you're changing wheels, servicing brakes, or detailing low rocker panels, wheels, grilles, headlights, and more, the Sit-On Creeper will make the job easier.

The creeper body and comfortable ergonomically curved seat is made of ultra-strong polyethylene material that's durable and lightweight. The casters feature a strong grip, pliable rubber tread that allows you to pivot with precision and confidence.

The casters won't get stuck on extension cords and two of the four wheels are lockable to keep you in place once you've found that perfect spot.

This creeper also has tons of storage possibilities with two accessory trays, a storage drawer for organizing detailing supplies like brushes, towels, pads, and tools, and cup holders that will fit 250ML and 500ML bottles.


  1. High Quality materials/Ergonomic Design: The firm seat is placed on a stiff steel frame that and won’t feel loose and unstable when you sit down and rotate.

  2. Storage/Bottle Holders: Equipped with bottle holders and storage trays for car care chemicals, tools and accessories. Conveniently store your detailing tools under the seat to save you time.
  3. Smooth rolling/Rotating Casters: Strong, pliable rubber tread on caster wheels that get you in the position to make the job easier. Two-locking wheels to secure the stool in the perfect position.

Size: 24.96 x 12.87 inches
Color: Black + Red
Material: Plastic