About Us

Bloomco was originally started in 1987 by Dave Bloomfield working out of the back of a pickup truck. It's been a long road, and a lot has changed since then, but our core goal has remained the same: to build long lasting client relationships through industry leading services and products that you can count on. We have grown from one pickup truck to a fleet of stocked sales trucks, and dedicated delivery trucks, along with office and warehouse support staff. That allows us  to offer an exceptional service plan for new and used car dealers, collision repair shops, detail shops, and car washes.

Our manufacturing and distribution plant in Burlington, Ontario, has the capability of producing well in excess of 15,000 litres of finished liquid goods per week. High volume demands? Just try us. We're willing to do everything we can to make sure your regular purchase requirements are readily available. That doesn't just apply to the goods we manufacture in house; we apply that same philosophy for any detailing accessories, equipment, or shop supplies we stock.

Bloomco brings to market a comprehensive line up of products including car wash shampoo, tire dressing, waxes, sealants, compounds, multipurpose cleaners, rim cleaners, aerosols, and much more in the way of automotive speciality product. You can browse our selection in detail on our Product Catalogue page.

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