6.5" HD DA Foam Buffing Pads

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6.5" Buffing Pads for every step of DA process. Fits a 6" velcro backing plate.

Construction of Pad:

  • Dual-Density Multi-Density design maintains optimum surface contact eliminating a "concaving effect" which extends use on Long Stroke machines
  • Engineered bevel - Engineered angle design prevents pad "rolling," allowing pad to stay flat on the surface

Cooling Features:

  • Cool Running - Runs 10% COOLER on Long Stroke machines than comparable pads
  • Cooling Chamber -  Prevents center of pad from concaving


  • Perfectly balanced pad for optimum control
  • Increased stability from Dual Density design allows improved control on curved panels
  • Less foam movement minimizes haze and micro marring
  • Pad design allows for quick cleaning and drying