BAM! Rim Cleaner

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BAM! Rim cleaner is a thickened gel-like formula with a non-offensive odour. It clings to vertical surfaces and removes brake dust deposits while brightening rims. 


Pre-wet the wheel with cold water and remove any heavy mud, grime and grease deposits. Starting at the bottom of the rim, spray the wheel with a wide-pattern fine mist of BAM!. Do each wheel in succession. DO NOT allow BAM! To sit longer than 60 seconds. DO NOT let BAM! Dry on the wheel. Keep the wheel wet at all times. Do not use in direct sunlight. For cleaning corroded, pitted and rusted rims, apply solution and agitate with a stiff-bristle brush or sponge, depending on the degree of corrosion. Give a quick rinse, then neutralize any residual BAM! by applying an 80:1 solution of Hot Purple, Trek or Blue All. Follow with a thorough rinse. Always pretest for surface discolouration on a small, inconspicuous area first. BAM! will remove rust on trim rings, rims, and chromed nuts.


Important: DO NOT use on uncoated high polished aluminum. Keep off glass surfaces. Always pretest in an inconspicuous area.