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Big D odor control fogger. For severe odors that cannot be reached by traditional cleaning methods. Available in original fragrance. This total release fogger is the product of choice. Ideal for property management, smoke odors, carpet, pet odors, industrial, upholstery, transportation. One 5 ounce can will destroy odors in any small room. Provides up to 6,000 cubic feet of coverage.

 Shake well before using.

Directions for use as a total release fogger: For spaces less than 6,00 cubic feet, do not empty entire contents. Close doors and windows and turn off fans and air conditioners. Eliminate all ignition sources such as pilot lights, etc. Place can on a raised surface. Spread paper under can to protect area directly underneath nozzle. Turn cap upside down and lock on - this will start the fogging action. Leave area at once. For best results, leave treated space undisturbed for a minimum of one hour. After treatment allow to ventilate for at least 30 minutes. 

For spot use: Direct spray above source of odor. Keep 2-3 feet from surface. Big D's propellant atomizes the effective ingredients into an extra fine, "dry" mist. Used as directed, it will not harm draperies or other fabrics.

NOTE: Spray on inconspicuous area to test colour fastness.

This can contains ingredients that may react with certain plastics. Use caution when applying this product around plastics.