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DA FINISH is the final step of Bloomco's three step DA SYSTEM. Use to remove very fine imperfections and to generate a deep gloss after completing the previous step. Works exceptionally well on dark finishes. Body shop safe and VOC compliant. DA FINISH is the final step in Bloomco's DA SYSTEM. DA FINISH is scientifically designed with nano abrasives to completely remove light imperfections and swirls to achieve a pristine, hologram-free finish. Black and other dark colours absolutely glow. Does not contain any fillers. Body shop safe and VOC compliant.
Key Features:
  • Advanced polymer formulation
  • Removes light imperfections
  • High gloss and swirl free finish


  1. Shake well.
  2. Apply product even to the DA buffing pad.
  3. Begin buffing with Dual Action polisher using a slow speed (2000 RPM), spreading product evenly over a 2 ft by 2 ft area.
  4. Once area is covered with polish use more pressure and adjust speed to a higher speed (5000 to 6000 RPM).
  5. Do not use extreme pressure on DA buffer, this can stop the orbital action. Mark the backing plate with a marker, if the mark is stationary you have lost your obrital action and are using too much pressure.
  6. When desired results are achieved, wipe off haze with microfibre towel.