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DA MAX is a super aggresive compound containing uniform size nano abrasive particles. This premium compound removes 1000 grit and finer sand scratches and other imperfections with minimal effort. DA MAX provides a high gloss, haze-free finish with easy clean-up and minimal to no swirling. DA MAX contains no fillers, is body shop safe, and is VOC compliant. While designed for dual action polishers, DA MAX also works phenominally with rotary machines.

Key Features:

  • Fast-Acting
  • Haze-Free
  • Body Shop Safe


  1. Shake well.
  2. Apply product evenly to DA microfibre or DA foam pad.
  3. Begin buffing using a slow speed, spreading product over a 2ftx2ft area. Once area is covered adjust to higher speed and polish in overlapping side to side and front to back motions.
  4. When results are achieved, wipe clean with a microfibre towel. 
  5. Do not use excessive pressure with a DA polisher, this may stop the orbital action.