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DARK MATTER restores appearance to plastic bumpers and body panels, while providing lasting protection against acid rain, sun damage, chalking, and detergents. DARK MATTER can be used on any black or gray plastic surfaces prone to fading, such as car carrier trim, RV trim, truck beds, bumpers, etc.

One use application: once opened product begins to cure. 


Shake well and continuously during use. It is normal for the pigment to separate and collect at the bottom of the bottle.

NOTE: excessive moisture will cause DARK MATTER to gel if bottle cap is left open. The surface which DARK MATTER is applied to is to be clean and dry with no water spots. Either tape off painted surfaces or glass surfaces near to the application area or keep a wet microfibre close by to clean up any excess. Make sure to wipe immediately. 

Apply DARK MATTER evenly to a clean, dry surface using an applicator pad or brush. Remove excess product. Allow to dry on surface 90 minutes, depending on climate conditions. Depending on the condition of the surface, a second coat may be required.