DeOdorPRO Vapour Packs

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26 Gram DeOdorPro vapour release packs are an easy way for you to destroy odours at the source. Use them to eliminate odours quickly and easily by harnessing the power of Chlorine Dioxide vapour produced by the easy-to-use vapour release delivery system.


To activate DeOdourPro kits open the plastic clam shell package and bend back the lid so it stays open freely. Remove contents from tray and place the tray on a paper plate, towel or cloth in the desired area. For cars, it is recommended on the dash board or arm rest. In a room, place up high with a fan gently blowing in a corner of the room to circulate.

Pour hot water into the clamshell to the fill line, and place the sponge blue side down in the water. Always add water first and then the sponge.

Container is recyclable and pouch is biodegradable.