Fallout Remover

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A mild, organic acid-based cleaner that removes all rail and metallic fallout from painted surfaces. FALLOUT REMOVER effectively removes metallic fallout embedded in painted surfaces. Containing oxalic acid this product removes fallout, rail and brake dust with minimal effort. Also performs well as a mild rim cleaner.

Key Features:

  • Ready to use formulation
  • Crystallizes when done
  • High strength formula reduces the need to perform fallout removal twice

How to Use:

  1. Examine vehicle surface and identify areas which may exhibit obvious chunky encrustations, such as asbestos, brake dust, or a light sandy or rusty texture.
  2. Flush vehicle surface thoroughly with water pressure with particular attention to these heavier coated areas.
  3. Using a wash mitt or pump-up type pressure sprayer, apply FALLOUT REMOVER as supplied directly to the vehicle surface.
  4. Allow FALLOUT REMOVER to "crystallize" (about 10 minutes), then wash vehicle with a quality car shampoo that has a pH of at least 7.5 but no higher than 8.5 This will neutralize any residual FALLOUT REMOVER. 

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