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An ultra fine polishing lotion. Fine finish is often used as a second step after heavy compound or as a single step on mildly affected surfaces. FINE FINISH is designed to remove fine surface imperfections on all paint finishes. Replaces the need for some conventional compounds and will produce virtually no swirl marks.  Polishes out to a flawless mirror finish. Body shop safe and VOC compliant.

Key Features:

  • Mirror finish
  • Bodyshop safe
  • Ultra fine abrasives
How To Use:
Shake well.

For Buffer:
Use a wool pad for moderate imperfections and a foam pad for light imperfections. You may use a wool pad first and switch to a foam pad as surface improves. Apply evenly to a cool, clean 2x2 ft area. Begin buffing slowly using light to moderate pressure. Decrease pressure as imperfections disappear.

Hand Use:
Apply a small amount to area. Using a soft microfibre towel, rub affected area until desired results are achieved.