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GLAZE IT is an excellent product for removing cobweb scratches and swirl marks from all painted surfaces. It also cleans mild oxidation while providing depth and brilliant high gloss. Contains polymers and waxes for durability. May be used as a hand wax. VOC compliant. 

Key Features:

  • Versatile product, may be used as a "one step"
  • Easy to use, residue comes off without hassle
  • Generates a deep long lasting gloss

How to Use:

High Speed Buffer

  1. Start with the roof, and proceed to the hood, trunk and sides.
  2. Apply a small amount of product directly to the painted surface.
  3. While the product is wet, buff a 2' x 2' area with a polishing pad. Keep the pad flat on the painted surface and buff until product dries, applying light, even pressure.
  4. Clean pad regularly with pad spur.

Orbital Buffer, Or By Hand

  1. Apply product evenly over painted surface with a moist polishing bonnet or applicator pad, and allow to dry to haze.
  2. Remove residue with a clean, dry bonnet or soft polishing cloth