Gloss Clear Acrylic Lacquer Paint

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  • Tough, durable finish
  • Interior/exterior use
  • For use on most types of metal, wood, and wicker
  • Quick dry, close up spray (8-10")
  • Great for use on wheel wells, frames, and undercarriage


  1. Surface must be clean, dry, and free of rust before painting. Protect surrounding areas from spray mist. For best results, use when can is between 50 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Shake can at least one minute before after rattle is heard and occasionally during use .
  3. Spray surface with steady even strokes at a distance of 8-10". Several light coats give a better finish than one heavy coat.
  4. If clogging develops, turn spray button 1/4 turn or remove and clean sprayhead slot. Do not stick pin or other objects into can opening. With can and sprayhead pointed away from you, reinsert sprayhead with a gentle twisting motion.
  5. To clear sprayhead for future us, turn can upside down and spray for 3 seconds. Completely empty cans may be recycled or disposed of with regular trash can. Dispose of partially empty cans responsibly. DO NOT incinerate or compact.