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This highly-concentrated, multipurpose detergent cleaner is ideal for all applications, from upholstery shampoo to engine degreaser. HOT PURPLE can tackle any heavy duty cleaning job you can throw at it. Tires, engines, upholstery shampoo, stain pre-spray, floor degreaser and more are perfect cleaning targets. HOT PURPLE is highly concentrated and can be diluted according to the job. A true multipurpose cleaner/degreaser.

Key Features:

  • Highly concentrated, extremely dilutable
  • One of the most powerful water based cleaner/degreasers available
  • Use on exterior and interior jobs

How to Use:

Always dilute HOT PURPLE. Do not use this product pure.

  1. Dilute HOT PURPLE with ordinary tap water, at least 1:1 and up to 20:1, depending on the degree of soil. If in doubt, pretest on an inconspicuous area first.
  2. Never allow HOT PURPLE to dry on painted surfaces or glass.
  3. When applying, be sure the surface to be treated is cool and wet. Always rinse well after using on paint or glass.

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