Jade Ceramic Detail Spray

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A70 JADE CERAMIC DETAIL SPRAY is a clear, nano crystalline coating delivered in a spray detailer that protects your vehicle from weather, chemicals, and UV rays while repelling water, dirt and other contaminants. A70 Jade Ceramic Detail Spray applies a hard (5H), durable coating that is 2-3 micron thick and imparts a deep, reflective shine. A70 Jade Ceramic Detail Spray has been formulated to safely work via trigger spray and impart the same protective characteristics as a typical ceramic coating but in an easier to use application.

Directions: Saturate surfaces to be protected via trigger spray ensuring to observe and prevent for overspray onto any undesired surfaces. Allow the product to begin to cure for 30 seconds to a minute as evidence by the rainbow appearance that will develop. Simply wipe with a quality microfiber towel until no rainbow appearance persists and all excess product has been worked into the paint. Repeat as many applications as desired. Do not use on a wet or dirty vehicle. Exterior use only. Solvent based formula.