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Fabric Guard is a solvent-based fabric protectant that utilizes nanotechnology to form a barrier between interior fabrics and stain-inducing contaminants.  Once applied, this product will ease the burden of regular maintenance and give your fabrics a new lease on life!
Features & Details:
• Defend carpet and upholstery from stains.  Your vehicle’s interior fabrics are bound to take a beating here and there.  If you work a messy job or have kids, you experience the threat of staining daily. Fabric Guard bonds to your seats, carpet, and mats to block stains from penetrating the fabric and setting in.
• Made with the same protection technology as a ceramic coating. 
• Make cleaning up a walk in the park.  Once the Fabric Guard is applied, light tarnishing will brush off easily and heavier stains can be removed with minimal effort.  A bottle of carpet cleaner and a towel will quickly remove the most dreaded stains from treated fabric.
• Extend the life span of your fabric.  Fabrics that repeatedly need deep scrubbing quickly lose their luster.  Stains like ground-in mud and spilled drinks may never truly go away, even with ardent scrubbing.  Don’t give stains the chance to ruin fabric by treating with Fabric Guard.
• Enduring protection. Fabric Guard provides protection for 6 to 12 months, depending on the amount of traffic your fabric receives.  Imagine going an entire year without worrying about every little stain that gets on your fabric!
For Best Results:
• Make sure your fabrics are clean and dry before applying the Fabric Guard.  Hold the bottle about six inches away from the surface and spray in back and forth overlapping motions to cover entire surface.  Allow one hour to air dry.
• To clean a messy spill on the treated fabric, swipe with a Microfibre Towel to lift the surface soil.  Once the heavy portion is lifted, attempt to rub out with a clean portion of the towel.
• If some of the stain remains, spray the area with our extractor soap.  Allow the soap to sit for 30 seconds.  Use a clean towel and scrub lightly.  Crisis averted!