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ONE SHOT has the power to cut and clean like a polish, leaving the durable hard shine of a paste wax. Use by hand or machine. VOC compliant.

Key Features:

  • Versatile product - cuts, cleans and seals
  • Durable hard shine
  • One step for when time is short 

How to Use:

For Hand Use: shake well. Spread with polish sponge using circular motion. Let dry completely. Buff to a shine with polish cloth, soft clean towel, or orbital polisher.

For Orbital Use: apply to bonnet. With orbital on, spread evenly over entire painted surface. Let dry completely. With a clean bonnet, buff to a high gloss.

For High Speed Buffer Use: use a clear coat polishing pad or foam pad. Buff while wet using medium to high pressure. Gradually reduce pressure as polish disappears. Burnish to high gloss finish.