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Ox-It-Out permanently removes the toughest stains and colours without rubbing, scrubbing, blotting or extracting! Ready-to use! Oxygen Bleach activated system penetrates deep below carpet and upholstery fibres to attach tough stains and colours to permanently remove them. No residual left in carpet! Ox-It-Out effectively removed Organic and Protein based stains and colours such as: coffee & tea, red & white wine, food stains & odour, cola & fruit juice, pet stains, urine and odour, grass, mud & dirt, general soiling. It is a 100% environmentally friendly product, and no added scents!


Directions for use:

Remove all loose soiling from the area to be cleaned, spray generously about 12” from the stained area. DO NOT SCRUB OR BLOT THE TREATED STAIN, allow area to dry. Ox-It-Out will gradually breakdown and remove the stain and remain active for up 24 hours, may be re-treated at that time. On deep pile carpets, work Ox-It-Out into the pile lightly with a clean rag or light brush. 

Test for colorfastness on a hidden area prior to use.