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Our premium paint sealant is fortified with high-quality polymers for long term protection against road salt, oxidation, acid rain, bird droppings, and other environmental damage. The finest paint protector available for all types of paint. Once cured, it forms a unique cross-linked matrix of amino-functional polymers, wax, resin and DuPont Zonyl®. Paint sealant is easily applied by hand or orbital polisher, leaving an unbeatable shine and protective barrier. Lasts up to a year, even after multiple detergent washes and harsh weather. Complies with VOC regulations.

Key Features:

  • Long lasting durability, up to a year
  • Unbeatable shine and beading action
  • Easy to use when compared with other paint sealants


  • Hand Use: Shake well. Spread PAINT SEALANT with a polish sponge using a circular motion. Let dry completely, then buff to a shine with a polish cloth, soft clean towel, or orbital polisher.


  • Orbital Use: Shake well. Apply PAINT SEALANT to bonnet. With orbital on, spread evenly over entire painted surface. Let dry completely. With a clean bonnet, buff to a high gloss.