Canadian Rust Red

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A low drip rustproofing product designed mainly for inner panels.

Rust alert Red is designed for annual application and is proven to work on any vehicle, any age, and condition. Our unique formula features a combination of oil and chemicals designed to penetrate the tightest joints and seams in today's vehicles. Classic has a high capillary action, or creeping ability and is engineered to actively apply itself for months, giving you long-term peace of mind.

Rust alert Red virtually stops the growth of existing rust by eliminating moisture and oxygen on contact. It also enhances the effectiveness of tar-based rust proofing products that may already exist on your vehicle by preventing shrinkage.
Rust alert Red is a metal-sensitive treatment which displaces moisture so it is effectively applied rain or shine, year round. Rust alert Red is a low-drip product that works quickly to cover, penetrate, and protect.