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This salt-stain remover loosens and dissolves stubborn salt deposits. 
SALT AWAY breaks down and dissolves those nasty reminders of the previous winter. A concentrated detergent to neutralize all salts etc. that accumulate during winter. A cleaner with the ability to attack winter hazards.
Key Features:
  • Softens and loosens salt deposits
  • Can be diluted with Hot Water for even more effective removal
  • Can be mixed into carpet extractor solution
How to Use:
  1. Manual Use: for heavy deposits, spray SALT AWAY directly onto affected carpet area. Let soak for several minutes, scrub with carpet brush if necessary, then vacuum out with wet/dry vacuum or carpet extractor.
  2. Extractor Use: add 1 small cup (250mL) SALT AWAY to your extractor solution along with appropriate amount of DYNAMIX.

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