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Managers know that you can’t sell a car if it’s buried under snow - and if you’re not selling, you’re losing. Don’t let a snow storm freeze up your sales - use the SnoPro® to clear hundreds of cars in no time!

Solar farm owners have turned to the SnoPro to safely clear off thousands of solar panels to avoid hibernation and to keep producing electricity. Clearing panels quickly produces tens of thousands of dollars of revenue that would have been lost due to snow coverage.

The SnoPro® is the lightest snow rake on the market, reducing user fatigue and lessening the chance of damage to your valuable inventory. The tool has received the highest ratings possible from an independent testing lab for non-abrasiveness, freeze resistance, and durability.

This snow rake is specifically designed for commercial use. The head has standard acme threads so you can use a longer standard handle if you choose.

The SnoPro®’s features include:

  • A non-abrasive cross-link polyethylene foam head that will not harm paint.

  • A sturdy, four-foot commercial grade handle for durability and maximum reach on full size vehicles

  • Weighs less than half the weight of other snow rakes.

  • Commercial quality components that endures harsh conditions and hundreds of vehicle clearings.

  • Approved for use on Class A finishes without leaving any scratches or damage.

The SnoPro® makes vehicle snow removal fast so you can get back to selling!