Technician's Choice Premium Rubberized Undercoating

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Technician's Choice Premium Rubberized Spray Undercoat represents the very latest in protective coating technology. Applied properly it will afford the following benefits. 

- protection against corrosion

- protection against road salt 

- coating flexibility for extreme hear and cold

- deadens sound


For automotive use, apply on fender sections, decks, hood, rocker panels. Rubberized spray undercoating represents advanced technology in undercoating, sealed and sound deadening chemistry. When thoroughly dry, Rubberized Spray Undercoat may be painted  over with no bleed through. Used as directed, it will afford the user superior protection against:

- rust and corrosion

- dust and fumes 

- extreme heat and cold

- road salt


NOTE: on cars equipped with catalytic converters, avoid application of any undercoat or rust proofing material on or neat converter, mufflers, exhaust and tailpipes due to extreme heat generated by system.

Directions: shake can for at least 30 seconds after rattle of agitation ball is heard. Use at room temperature. Make sure surface to be treated is clean and dry. Apply coat evenly using short strokes. Clean valve by turning can upside down and depress spray button for at least 2 seconds.