Tornador Velocity Vac Attachment

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The TORNADOR® VELOCITY-VAC attachment is our latest addition to the TORNADOR® tool family. You now have the outstanding cleaning power of TORNADOR® with the addition of a wet/dry vacuum. We're continuing the benefits of the TORNADOR® patented technology. The TORNADOR® VELOCITY-VAC easily attaches to the Z-020 TORNADOR® BLACK and a wet/dry vacuum. This new technology combination will make cleaning tasks quicker and easier than ever!

If you have experience with TORNADOR® Z-020 BLACK, you will immediately see the advantage of this great addition. Three different cleaning functions will streamline your automotive detailing and reconditioning challenges. The VELOCITY-VAC is a quick and economical solution to combat everyday interior problems.

Key Features:

  • Easily attaches to the Tornador Black tool
  • Use with any wet/dry vacuum
  • Low cost for great all in one results
  • A must have tool in the detailers arsenal