Jade Amethyst Glass Ceramic Coating

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Jade Amethyst Glass Ceramic Coating creates a protective barrier on your exterior glass that repels water, snow, dirt, and grime.  It makes regular maintenance a breeze with its fast-drying and long-lasting properties.  Fight back against the elements with a simple wipe on, and buff off with a clean towel.

- Fast-drying and long lasting! This coating offers protection 6 months or 15,000KM on your vehicle's glass!
- Invisible barrier
- Causes water to bead up and wick away easily, ensuring clear visibility while driving
- Can make removing the winter elements easier
- Wipe away bug debris quickly and easily

- Clean your glass surfaces before applying Jade Amethyst

- Apply the Jade Amethyst Glass Ceramic Coating directly onto your glass or onto your applicator and apply evenly in a crosshatch pattern.

- Allow the sealant to flash and cure for a few minutes before wiping the excess with a clean towel.