Jade Aqua Marine & RV Ceramic Coating

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Jade Aquamarine Ceramic Coating is made to protect the surface of boats and RVs from weather, sun, corrosion, and more. 


Tailored for durability in marine environments.  The Jade Aquamarine is 2.5 times more concentrated than Jade Emerald Quartz and has a solvency specific to marine climates. 

 Protects and provides a glossy finish against the environmental elements for up to a year.

Outstanding durability and strength.  It's rated for one year of marine use, or up to six years on trailers or other gel-coated surfaces.

No further paint protection required. 

Self-cleaning, anti-static, hydrophobic, and resistant to swirls and micro-marring. 


Your surface should be as clean and perfect as possible before applying Jade Aquamarine.  You should have leveled and compounded your paint and removed scratches and contaminants.  Any imperfections that exist before applying ceramic coating will be amplified once it bonds to your surface.

Spray your surface with Jade Ceramic Prep to remove oils from polishing and waxing before applying the ceramic coating.  This is an important step.

Use a respirator and gloves when using the ceramic coating.  Shake the bottle of Jade Aquamarine and apply a strip of the product onto your applicator pad. Spread the product onto your surface in a crosshatch, overlapping pattern.

Allow time for the ceramic coating to flash and dry.  Test this by touching the surface with your finger; if the product is tacky, it is ready to be removed.  If it is still still a thin liquid, let it dry longer.  Once flashed, level product on surface with a Microfiber Towel.

• Jade Wash & Graph is a great choice to use for regular washing of ceramic coatings.

• Use Reboot to keep your ceramic coating hydrophobic and looking great year-round!